Tinsley mortimer dating constantine

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The press coverage surrounding New York socialite Tinsley Mortimer's new CW reality show, "High Society," has brought up the age-old question: How real is reality?There have been reports that certain situations captured on camera were staged or that the subjects were fed lines, but Mortimer insists the accusations simply aren't true.That would be Nico Fanjul, the son of a sugar baron.In April 2016, she made headlines when she was arrested for misdemeanor trespassing at her ex Nico Fanjul's Palm Beach home.She told Bravo's That would be Nico Fanjul, the son of a sugar baron.

Days later, Tinsley was spotted hanging out with American Idol alum and Broadway performer Constantine Maroulis.

"I understand why people say that, because they say it about every reality-TV show nowadays, but honestly, these situations were absolutely real," Mortimer told The News.

"The cameras may have intensified it a bit, and sometimes we knew we were supposed to bring up something that happened, but what happens during the conversations is real.

The two were photographed looking cozy at a few more events, including at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City, until early February.

Tinsley's professional life took a turn for the worse; Her reality show, which famously showed one of her friends dismissively declaring that it "really should be okay to say" the N-word, was canceled.

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