Socionic dating

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However, in spite of such Buddhist vital philosophy, they are very smart in adaptation to different crises that happen in life, and stoically tolerate even somebody else's petty tyranny.

They are intellectuals, but they do not often want to demonstrate their ideas, preferring that other people would pay attention to them, and for this reason often seem to be passive.

Logical-intuitive extravert: extravert: logic is also called Systematic Logic, or Structural Logic. Instead of making things work, it rather focuses on elimination of contradictions, on systematization, or in more general meaning on justice (if it only exists).

The types for which this function is dominant are often not too energetic, they are rather stable-mooded, work without noticeable falls and rises, logical and reticent in their sayings and deeds.

This function, instead of lots of possibilities, considers people and the world as if flowing in a big and insuperable stream of time.

What does people's potential mean when it cannot be realized? Their usual condition is something like meditation.

They like intellectuals, like new ideas, because these ideas make their life more diverse, but also ridicule intellectuals for their impractical approach.

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It estimates everything in terms of efficiency: not abstract analysis, but "how to make it work? However, people who work together with them, often blame these types of being "too dry, cold-hearted", even in spite of their high emotionality.

Usually they are not aggressive, and even being talented, often have troubles with getting a reward, recognition of their ingenuity.

They usually see a lot of positive possibilities in other people.

This function is responsible for considering the world in all its possibilities and alternatives, in generalization of what is going on and developing new concepts.

Bearers of this function are usually curious, full of ideas; they gladly look for new ideas in books, or make new interesting acquaintances.

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