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Whining about the perils of singledom may be more popular ever, but it's never been easier to find a bespoke boyfriend.

No matter your religious beliefs, random interests, very random interests—even dietary restrictions—there's almost undoubtedly a dating site, or app, for that.

Remember, the more you get to know and trust a person, or a potential sexual partner, someone with whom you can talk openly about yourself and your sexuality, about sex and all the feelings that accompany it — what you are afraid of, embarrassed about, curious or excited about — the more vulnerable the two of you can be with each other, which will likely result in more satisfying and pleasurable sexual encounters.I'd feel perfectly comfortable having sex now, but everyone assumes I already have. When the last girl I dated found out I was a virgin, she dumped me because she said she didn't want to be the one to de-virginize me. Both men and women in high school and even in college act "as if" they have had intercourse, when in fact they have not. They foolishly believe that not having had intercourse means they are not popular enough, attractive enough, mature enough, or smart enough to get some. It's not clear what she thought was the matter with "being the one to de-virginize [you]." Some women would consider it an honor to be chosen.Sincerely, an annoyed college male Dear an annoyed college male, There is nothing wrong with being a virgin or not having had intercourse at all or yet. Clearly, you are still a man, even if you have not had intercourse. So for some reason this woman didn't want to continue dating you.So I guess I shouldn't have been surprised to learn about Bristlr, a "social network" for guys with beards and the people who love them.And since I am such a person (the latter, not the former), it was only appropriate that I investigate.

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