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Big Bopper88: I know enough to get PAPER Timmie: what? Big Bopper88: What do you guys use for money in Holland? Timmie: oh Timmie: we use Euros Timmie: like the German, French, Spanish Big Bopper88: okay wait Big Bopper88: you guys can’t all use the same money Big Bopper88: then you’d have to use the same wallets Timmie: eh..

Timmie: no Timmie: youcan look it up Big Bopper88: where?

Timmie: no not that Big Bopper88: no the doctor said I had it Timmie: I mentit about cooking in US Timmie: but having diabetes isn’t that hard right?

Big Bopper88: nah, it’s kewl Big Bopper88: if u had 1 million bucks what would u buy?

Timmie: I know lot of diabetes Big Bopper88: you can’t buy lots of diabetes, you just get it Timmie: i know Timmie: I ment I know a lot about diabetes Big Bopper88: if u had 1 million bucks what would u buy?

My children are about 9 to 10-years old when they start cursive handwriting. They should learn all the letter forms on the chart before writing in cursive in notebook pages.

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Molly Hallock Foote met her romantic friend Helena in New York in 1868 and they planned to live together, until Helena got married to someone else.Big Bopper88: it’s sooo good Timmie: The same as dutch people? Timmie: I don’t know if there is a difference Timmie: unless you think that the bread of the french are baguettes..Big Bopper88: bread is soo soft Timmie: haha okay Big Bopper88: I bet if you jump from airplanes low enough and land on a big bread you’d live and not die Timmie: can I ask you something? Big Bopper88: ask it Timmie: what do you know about the world?Timmie: no Timmie: I’m15 Big Bopper88: why do u want to be a pilot?Timmie: no Big Bopper88: dats kewl Timmie: that I don’t want to be a pilote? Timmie: spaghetti Big Bopper88: that has to suck, having to go to italy from holland to get it Timmie: hahahaha Timmie: I can make it in Holland Timmie: you can make spaghetti in America too Big Bopper88: How do you make spaghetti? meat, spaghetti sauce Timmie: and spaghetti ofcourse Big Bopper88: dats kewl Timmie: can’t you cook?

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