Paul wesley and phoebe tonkin dating

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Wesley spoke with TV Guide recently and said he was not interested in reprising his "The Vampire Diaries" role on the spin-off "The Originals." Wesley said his character, Stefan Salvatore, has been "laid to rest" and he wants to keep it this way.The actor also said he wants to stay away from doing a supernatural show following eight years of playing a vampire.“It’s nice to have someone to share all that with.” While the two have kept their relationship more private since reconciling, Tonkin did share a photo with Wesley in it to celebrate The Vampire Diaries coming to an end on March 10.In the photo, the couple are sitting next to each other at a table with the cast and crew."It was just kind of like we just did it and we were both in it and we both committed to it.

As of press time, the actors also reportedly no longer follow each other on social media, thus fueling more speculation that they broke up again.

The actor had already broken up with wife Torrey De Vitto before he began dating The stars made no mention of each other via their respective social media accounts while Down Under. Right to the point," Wesley tweeted on Wednesday, Jan. Tonkin, meanwhile, balanced salad tongs and a spoon on her face and captured the moment on Instagram.

"Happy New Year, may you all achieve your goals and dreams, like I did not 10 minutes ago," the TV star joked.

The New Jersey born actor combined an ash colored long sleeve which dipped down to expose a tuft of the star's chest hair, while covering up from the LA fog with a collared button-up.

The couple started dating in 2013 after working on The Vampire Diaries together, where they played the supernatural Stefan Salvatore and Hayley Marshall.

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