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* @param string $base Dir String to append at the beginning of every filepath that the callback will receive.*/Of course, because it is recursive, a folder with many levels of folders could potentially consume lots of memory, but then again, so can every other recursive scandir implementation here.For example, on Mac OS, the following files will appear in this order in the Finder, when your disk is formated using the standard file system:1inc txt However, scandir will produce an array in the following order:1/** * This function will scan all files recursively in the sub-folder and folder.* * @author Fazle Elahee * */function scan File Name Recursivly($path = '', &$name = array() )$path = "/var/www/Simplej Query Dropdowns";$file_names = scan File Name Recursivly($path);echo " If you have a folder with many files and/or subfolders, doing a recursive scandir will likely either slow down your application, or cause a high rise in RAM consumption due to the large size of the generated array.

If you wish to reduce CPU overhead by avoiding the sorting, or if you wish to obtain "natural filesystem order" - that is, the order in which the files are found while traversing the filesystem (usually the order in which they were written to the disk) - you need to go back to the PHP4 equivalent of opendir() readdir(). At least, these are the observations I've made with my own webhost when it comes to root directory scandir.To help with this, as well as to make processing of files in a folder easier, I wrote a function that reads a folder and its subfolders recursively, and calls a function upon each match./** * Calls a function for every file in a folder. boen_robot * * @param string $callback The function to call.It must accept one argument that is a relative filepath of the file. * @param array $types The file types to call the function for. * @param bool $recursive Whether to list subfolders as well.File List is a command line utility providing a list of files of the selected path in the CSV format.All results can easily be imported to a spreadsheet or database.

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