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A revered Manaschi who recently visited the United Kingdom is Rysbek Jumabayev.Urkash Mambetaliev, the Manaschi of the Bishkek Philharmonic, also travels through Europe.The epic is divided into three parts, each consisting of a loose collection of episodic heroic events. The first is entitled "Manas", the second episode describes the deeds of his son Semetei, and the third of his grandson Seitek.

This opens the possibility of Manas having spoken a dialect of Turki similar to that of the Kazakhs and Nogay people today.Manas turns eventually to face the Afghan people to the south in battle, where after defeat the Afghans enter into an alliance with Manas.Manas then comes into a relationship with the people of mā warā' an-nār through marriage to the daughter of the ruler of Bukhara.At this point, the Kyrgyz people chose, with Manas' help, to return from the Altai mountains to their "ancestral lands" in the mountains of modern-day Kyrgyzstan.Manas begins his successful campaigns against his neighbors accompanied by his forty companions.

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