Hans 48 dating holland

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Brackbill says he is the Hans GRAFF shown on the warrantee map of W Lampeter Tp, having taken an oblong of 300 acres that ran E to W (slanted a bit to the NW) abutting the land of Isaac LEFFEVRE and Hance MAYLEY.This tract was warranted , surveyed (both before arrival of our own man of the same name), patented to Hans GRAFF on 16 June 1718 [A-5-316].However, Richard Davis reports him as born near Ittlingen in the Kraichgau, Germany, and immigrating to Pennsylvania about 1704 — he lived at Germantown from 1704 to 1715, moving that year to Lancaster Co.Descendants told a family story that Hans was living near the Pequea but discovered a spring (west of New Holland) while searching for lost horses, and moved there. (He must hav been at the time living on the [upper] Pequea [below Paradise PA] , not near the 1710 tracts.) He died in 1746 in Earl Tp.From Baretswil, Switzerland and a prominent family, Han Groff was the son of Max Graf of Switzerland.However, Hans left his homeland with his brother, Michael or Martin (1675 - 1760) to escape religious persecution. They first traveled to Alsace, Germany for a short time then arrived in Pennsylvania about 1695, an area open to religious immigrants and welcomed by William Penn. His wives over the years were Susan Orendorf Kendig and Anna Bare.His wife refused to come with him to the new country and she remained there.They had one son Jacob 1684-1766, he was not mentioned in Han's will.

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Richard Davis suggests Hans GRAFF is the son of Hans Jägli GRAFF b.This earlier immigrant was reportedly the son of Max GRAAF of Baretswil, Switzerland.Some Web sites say Hans was born in Baretswil and emigrated first to Alsace about 1695 and then to America, where he settled near Germantown PA, just W of Philadelphia.Hans (also referred to as 'John') traded many items with the local Indians(even learning their language), such as vegetables, milk and blankets in exchange for furs. Land for the Groffdale Mennonite Church was given by Hans Groff in 1717.His sons who carried on the family lineage were: John (born in Switzerland), Peter, David, Daniel, Marcus and Samuel. 1746." Link to Find A Grave Memorial# 11282437 Groff-345 and Graff-389 appear to represent the same person because: The only difference is birthdate and the one profile lacks any other real sources.

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