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However wrong it might be (the combination of words and the act, by the way). The majority of people already think men can't be sexually assaulted.

The only other real flaw is that on the back it shows four pictures from Dave's first trip to New York, an episode not on the DVD.Other than that, a DVD worth watching only if you never watch it on TV, other than that, you can probably watch these episodes on TV soon, censored.Im sure all of you have seen the show atleast once and if you havent then let me explain it.They are met with disbelief at best, which, to me, makes it all more apparent that there should be a diversity in the term "sexism" to point out that men, too, suffer from this. Calling it "reverse" sexism implies that "real" sexism is a thing men do to women, and this is just when it sometimes happens the other way. All though I would never go as far as stating that men encounter these things equally often as women, I do think it's a severly underrated subject. If we need a new term for that, than I'm all for it.

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