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Similarly, some men fantasize about multiple sexual partners, but would find it emotionally difficult to maintain several simultaneous relationships.

In recent years, there has been a greater openness about fantasy and a greater recognition of how common this behavior is for both men and women.

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I believe that the users can make their group public if they would like to attract more people to join their chats or rps to liven it up, if it is private.While fantasy may enhance actual sexual practices, it should not be assumed that a fantasized behavior represents an unconscious desire.Thus, some women fantasize about being overpowered or even raped by a man, but this does not mean they actually want to be raped.I will be in the middle of an rp maybe at like and awaiting a reply, but I don't get a notification so I think they fell asleep and go to sleep myself.When this happens, I find it hard to start up rp again.

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