Empowered dating

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Some things to keep in mind to optimize your chances for a good time: Keep it low pressure in a public place that’s familiar to you.

should be done from a grounded place—from a place of feeling like you aren't uncontained, needy and out of control emotionally. Too many women confuse feeling empowered with acting like a "ball-buster." Empowered dating is all about embracing and exposing your most uncomfortable, vulnerable and tender feelings.Empowered dating is about being brave enough to sit in the anxious, yucky, totally-out-of-your-comfort-zone feelings associated with letting down your guard. The key is to allow yourself to feel and share your "emotional nakedness" with men while having a sense of ownership of your emotions.Mutually pick a place where you can spend some time sitting together and talking. That way, if it’s great, you’ll leave wanting more (and maybe even can extend your time together into a date).And if it’s horrible, you’re not in the bathroom texting your BFF for the emergency call out.

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