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If you disrespect your mom, if you disrespect your mother, there's a good chance you'll disrespect me. For Women if your ex boyfriend just got outta jail.if you only like me because of my money because you have no future, no goals, no passions if you cant be trusted when i am not around If you wear graphic tees if you keep blowing up my phone every 2 seconds.you don't know the simple difference between "there", "their", & "they're". if your mother's retarded, insane, or a fucking lunatic.if the holidays are coming up and your expecting a gift; we just started dating if you are fat if your pregnant with someone elses baby if all you do is run & tell everyone what goes on between us.

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If you wear graphic tees your hairs longer than mine. if you live with your parents because you already dated my bestfriend, her sister, my cousin if you smoke black and milds. if you complain about how much u are spending on a date. It needs a little bit of roughness U have no personality. Honey, I put the B in bitch, the D in drunk, and the F in fabulous. if you don't like being on the phone we can't have a good time with our clothes on. If you have more dick in your personality than you have in your pants if you're shorter than me if your morning breath is the same as your afternoon, evening, and bedtime breath! if you don't keep yourself groomed, and take my advice when I try to help you stay looking fresh. if you bring dogs on dates, and your dog misbehaves. if you kiss me, touch me or have sex with me and don't have my consent. if we have nothing in common you're a 1 minute man. You hurt me before, I'm not letting you hurt me again. if you aren't funny you don't know the difference between 'your' and 'you're'. you have more mood swings in one day than me on pms. you don't know the simple difference between "there", "their", & "they're". if u have a hobo beard you are constantly talking about yourself. if you're not gonna take shit seriously If youve got 6 toes on one foot or hand unless U can see past all my flaws if your mother's retarded, insane, or a fucking lunatic. if u don't like my mommy and my mommy don't like you, sorry family comes first if burgers and fries are more important than staying in shape unless you respect my boundaries!There seems, from the many testaments on Reddit and other social sites, to be many people on there in search of, uh, more than just a match. You can download the Android POF and i Phone app at any time.Our Time is a site that caters to the 50 year-olds wanting to find a casual or deep relationship.

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