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Gardner did not have many positive male role models as a child, as his father was living in Louisiana during his birth, and his stepfather was physically abusive to both his mother and his sisters.

Triplett's fits of rage made both Gardner and his sisters constantly afraid.

However, Henry drowned in the Mississippi River when Chris was nine years old.

Despite both her very unhappy marriage and her periods of absence, Bettye Jean was a positive source of inspiration and strength to her son Chris.

After four years, he quit these jobs and doubled his salary by taking a job as a medical equipment salesman.

Prompted by his son's inquiries about his own father, Gardner had previously been able to track down his biological father via telephone.

After three years of marriage to Sherry, he left her to move in with Jackie and to prepare for fatherhood. Gardner worked as a research lab assistant at UCSF and at the Veterans' Hospital after leaving the service.

Nine years elapsed before he and Sherry were legally divorced in 1986. His position as a research lab assistant paid only about ,000 a year, which was not enough for him to support a live-in girlfriend and a child.

The complexity of the dark plum fruit with the secondary aromas provides a seamless balance, while the savory herb notes and nutmeg-scented oak linger throughout the wonderfully firm finish. Thomas Jefferson was the first American wine collector; he loved all the world's wines, particularly Bordeaux, which he discovered while serving as ambassador to France.

The cavalry ain't coming." Inspired by his Uncle Henry's worldwide adventures in the U. Navy, Gardner decided to enlist when he finished secondary schooling.

He was stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina for four years, where he was assigned as a medical corpsman.

Gardner accepted the position, and moved to San Francisco upon his discharge from the Navy in 1974.

Over the course of two years, he learned how to manage a laboratory and to perform various surgical techniques.

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