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I’ve always been interested in mail, but I didn’t really thrust myself into the snail mail community until 2008.It has taken me years to build up the list of contacts I have, and I’m extremely grateful for the people who I’ve met through the wonders of the post.The people you receive from are different from who you send to.You have the option of sending to your own country as well, but understand that by signing up for this you are more than likely going to be sending a of international mail.I don’t have time to seek out new penpals, but I do my very best to keep up with the ones I already have, and any new people who find me.Whenever I meet people in person who find out I “still” send snail mail, their first question is always “” and I find this a tough question to answer.Some of those people are friends who I’ve grown so close to that I’ve bought plane tickets to visit them. And some of those people I’ve been exchanging with for years and continue to send me beautiful and elaborate pieces of mail art. Some people have a turnaround time of one week, which is extremely impressive, and others won’t write back to me until five calendar holidays have passed.The level of intimacy I experience with my penpals varies drastically, as does the medium of mail.

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Pros: Getting (approximately) the same number of postcards that you send.

Receiving mail from countries you’ve never been to, and learning lots about other cultures.

Know that just because you like to send long letters doesn’t mean that the people who receive them will reciprocate.

If you’re looking for something specific in terms of snail mail, you should be up front with your recipients about that from the beginning.

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