Brian puspos dating

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Dim the lights and turn Brian's sexy playlist, below, all the way up.

(PS: Be sure to check out his commentary, too, and don’t forget to subscribe on Apple Music!

It's because of men like you, women like me have trouble trusting and have trouble putting ourselves out there again. All my ex's who have cheated on me have apologized, but that doesn't fix that emotional scar that is there.

That feeling, that fear of losing your world to some other chick will always linger.

Personally, I've dealt with many relationships, I've dealt with cheating boyfriends, asshole boyfriends, I've seen and dealt with them all. She feels like she picks bad men, hell I know I pick bad men. Dates you, calls you his whole world, the love of his life, yet has a side chick whom he talks to. I will never be able to fathom why a man would do that. If you can't stay faithful, the simple solution is to just break up with the other person. You can't date someone and only be part way in the relationship because you still want to date around. I personally believe relationships should be like marriage without the title of husband and wife.

I know where she comes from when the person, you thought you loved the most in the whole entire world, the person you thought you would spend your life with, the person you trusted with your heart and life… But because of men like Brian Puspos, men who think it's okay to cheat, and men who think it's okay to play chicks, have side chicks, whatever…

I never allowed for myself to believe it because I always thought of him as perfect. The way he reacted, calling her a psycho for making a blog post about how hurt she was by the whole situation, acting immature, making arrogant tweets about the whole situation and letting it slide off as if it were nothing and then all of a sudden gettin' it with Trinity Dang, while Aja is over here still trying to heal?

That just goes to show whose side of the story was more plausible.

But since writing is a passion of mine, I wanted to get a fresh start. Here, I’d like to have more serious and meaningful content, ideas, thoughts, etc.

I adore and admire how beautiful she is inside and out and that is exactly why she is my role model.

Member of the hip hop dance crew So Real Cru that gained national attention by finishing in second place on the MTV reality competition series America's Best Dance Crew.

I've always been a huge fan of Brian Puspos, and I've always loved his dance and his choreography and everything.

From friends I've heard that he was a douche bag, that he doesn't always treat his fans with respect, and that he was a complete asshole who is full of himself.

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