Audrina patridge dating corey bohan 2016

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According to the restraining order request, Bohan harassed Patridge in their home earlier this month.

"Grow some balls and pull the trigger and file for divorce," the professional BMX biker reportedly told Patridge, who was holding their 15-month-old daughter Kirra Max at the time, per TMZ.

"His aggressive behavior usually escalates whenever I am paying attention to work obligations, rather than to him," Patridge claimed.

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Audrina Patridge has filed for divorce from husband Corey Bohan after ten months of marriage In her declaration, which was submitted on 18 September, Audrina chronicles multiple instances of emotional abuse and violent outbursts by her husband.Daughter Kirra Max was born seven months later, in June 2016, and the couple married in Hawaii in November."These problems have existed their entire relationship," a source told ."I am very concerned, especially since he has our daughter's birth certificate, that he might obtain a passport for her and take her to Australia without my consent," she stated in her documents.The couple are parents to one-year-old daughter Kirra Max Audrina and 35-year-old Corey started dating on-and-off in 2008, and announced their engagement in November 2015.

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