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At times he appears to be superhuman, with the durability of a cockroach and the rejuvenation of a lizard, possessing remarkable tenacity for a boy of his age and physique when trying to achieve something.

As a result, he never gives up on his girl hunting, no matter how many times he fails or how badly Lum shocks him.

Determined to do "the stuff that married people do", he succeeded in catching Lum by stealing her bikini top and grabbing her horns when she tried to get it back.

In his moment of triumph, Ataru loudly declared "Now I can get married!!

Near the end of the series, in the story introducing Inaba, he decides to protect the future where he and Lum get married after he sees how happy she is in this future.

In Ataru's own ideal future, he had a harem containing every prominent female in the cast, but he decided to abandon it after he learned that Lum would not be with him, further signifying the love he has for her.

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When faced with the prospect of losing Lum, Ataru goes all-out to try to prevent it from happening, even at the expense of his own health.

Ataru is also very fast, and can often be seen wearing a track uniform.

This blinding speed comes in handy when escaping from Lum.

Also when she leaves for an extended period of time, he becomes very depressed and lonely in her absences.

As highlighted in the final story arc, where, even faced with the prospective of losing Lum and all his memories of her he refuses to give in her request of a proper love declaration, most the friction between Lum and Ataru stems from their clashing personalities: while Lum is utterly naïve and innocent about Earth customs and uses, but still truly wishes to be a proper and mature wife for Ataru and a prim daughter-in-law for her family, Ataru is more world-weary and savvy, yet he prefers to act as a flirty, happy-go-lucky teen, thus making Lum doubt of his commitment, Ataru can catch a katana blade with his bare hands.

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