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10 Watt Amplifier100W Guitar Amplifier110 d B Beeper110 m W Amplifier120 Second Voice Recorder15 Watt Tube Amplifier16 Watt Bridge Amplifier2 Line Mixer2 Watt Amplifier2-Way Intercom20 Watt Amplifier250 Watt Amplifier25L6 Amplifier270 Watt Amplifier3 Line Mixer3 Tone Gong30 Watt Amplifier350Hz Crossover360 Watt Amplifier380 Watt Amplifier3V Tube Amplifier3V Tube Amplifier4-Way Intercom50Hz Crossover6 Headphone Splitter6 Input Mixer8 Watt Amplifier Acoustic Simulator Active Noise Control using DSPActive Phase Speaker System Active Tone Controls AD3208Adaptive Noise Cancellation Alamo Capri 2560Alembic F2BAlembic Stratoblaster Allesandro Hounddog Red Bone Altec Lansing 1564AAltec Lansing 1566AAltec Lansing 1567AAltec Lansing 1568AAltec Lansing 1569AAltec Lansing 1570BAltec Lansing 260AAltec Lansing 436CAltec Lansing A323CAltec Lansing A333AAltec Lansing A340AAltec Lansing Astro AMI Model CAmpeg 1976 Distortion Ampeg 1BAmpeg AC12Ampeg B12NAmpeg B12NBAmpeg B12NF and B15NFAmpeg B12XAmpeg 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The inputs go as follows ( clockwise from top left) input 1 bright / input 2 bright/ input 2 normal / input 1 normal.Despite the cosmetic wear and tear this Ampeg sounds great mainly due the the re-coned CTS. For shipment options please make contact before buying.Shipping can be costly and difficult due to the size and weight.If you wish to keep a cabinet on stage, the Captor features a direct speaker THRU or ATT output.It allows for full volume or a fixed – 20d B attenuation.

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